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How to improve media streaming

How to improve media streaming

Tomato Tomato 2014-10-08 18:57:12

The advent of faster Internet connections has enabled users to watch video, listen to radio and experience other media live online. You can stream medai in this way with free, download able software such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer and QuickTime. There are some basic steps and tips to follow to get the best quality video and audio on your computer.

1. Upgrade your computer memory to ensure the smoothest broadcast. For the best quality, a PC should have at least 64 MB RAM memory, a Mac 128 MB. You can usually purchase extra memory from the store or computer where you bought the computer.

2. Change the software settings to match the speed of your connection. In QuickTime, fine the connection speed under "Edit," "Preferences," "QuickTime Preferences," then "Streaming." In Windows Media Player, find it under "Tools," "Options," then "Performance." In RealPlayer, find it under "Tools," "Preferences," then "Connection."

3. Disable your firewall temporarily if your computer runs a firewall for security.

4. Close all applications and programs that you are not using, including browser windows and tabs. Other programs can increase the strain on your bandwidth, interrupting your streaming.

5. Close other computers and devices using the same Internet connection.

6. Click "Stop" or "Pause," wait a minute and then press "Play," if you have problems streaming media.

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