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When buying a TV Box, you should pay attention to the three main points!

When buying a TV Box, you should pay attention to the three main points!

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-07-21 09:32:25

The brand is especially many, the model is also multifarious, when buying and selling, compared to few novices, can grasp the main point.

This article for the novice confused, let us talk about, when buying the most attention should be paid to the three major points!
Point 1: choose the right system
The current set-top boxes basically have two systems, Ali cloud system and Android system.
Android system has a wide range of applications, software compatibility is strong, not only can be suitable for different types of TV use, but also can carry out a variety of software APP download.
Ali cloud system, is focused on its own production, has its own proprietary machines and software, stability is strong. Although the compatibility is limited, but we can make early adopters.

Point two: hardware to keep up with
Hardware is the basic guarantee for the speed of operation. Although the high hardware does not determine the speed of operation, but high hardware or can promote smooth running.
The hardware of the Smart TV Box, the single core and the 2 core, has become obsolete. Today, the 4 core and the 8 nucleus are the mainstream. And in the storage, 1GB memory can basically complete the rapid loading, but the memory must be located above 4G.

Point three: the chip is the brain of the box
The chip belongs to the box brain. At present, there are three brands of chips on the market, and they are widely used. The high-end Marvell comes from the United States, and is very small in terms of audio and processing speed both at home and abroad. The Sigma chip and audio decoding performance is outstanding, but does not support RMVB, belonging to the high-end chip.
Realtek chip is domestic production, relatively economic, and compatible ability, but the processing speed and fluency are obviously not forward, both belong to the low-end chip.