> Analysis: what are the TV Box interfaces? What's the use of it? 2
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Analysis: what are the TV Box interfaces? What's the use of it? 2

Analysis: what are the TV Box interfaces? What's the use of it? 2

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-07-19 09:42:38

AV output
The AV interface is also called RCA, is divided into 3 lines, respectively: audio interface (red and white line, composed of left and right channels) and video interface (yellow), in VCD and DVD's rule for many years but until now, the TV player can still see the shadow. 

In the Android tv box , there will be this interface, designed to be compatible with the old TV, upgrade old TV, one second intelligent. In addition to the above said, in fact, have AV interface box we can also be so "play" -- if you have a DIY desktop computer, can also have their own "TV" in the rented room, through the HDMI external computer display, the red and white RCA interface box (some models need to open the audio transmission system settings, and system settings - audio output mode - remove the HDMI option, select the CODEC option).
USB interface
The current mainstream USB interface 2 version configuration high point will be the standard 3 version, to distinguish black and blue (Black 2, blue is 3), the difference between the two is a different bandwidth 2 USB transmission rate reached 480Mbps, equivalent to MB 60MB/s, enough to meet most of the peripheral speed a theoretical speed of 3 USB, 5.0Gb/s, in fact, can only reach the theoretical value of 5, which is close to 10 times USB 2, widely used in PC peripherals and consumer electronic products. 
The USB interface is the most believe that we use, expansion of mobile hard disk, U disk loading installation of APK through the USB interface in the Android tv box, if you encounter some large stream of video, such as Blu ray disk files (BDMV and BDISO) with USB2.0 may Caton phenomenon, whereas the USB3.0 can smooth playback. 
In addition to routine, in fact extended USB interface performance is very good, such as no LAN network interface box, we can not drive USB card into LAN network interface, also can through the USB interface to an external camera, so that you can video chat in theAndroid tv box.