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Newest model smart tv box amlogic quad core S812 tv box TM8C

  • Author:Tomato
  • Source:Tomato
  • Release on :2014-11-11
Android platform is widely used in smart tv box. Smart players mainly based on the ARM chip manufacturers a variety of feature-rich technology development of various solutions. We can say that it is a smart player are based on ARM related technology development. From the chip functional sense, the difference between technical standards smart player chips each chip manufacturers currently not much, videos, music, games, social networking is the basic option, the function enables the TV, computers, mobile phones three-screen linkage . In addition, the development trend of multi-core is becoming smart player chip. On the user experience, multi-core will undoubtedly have an advantage, but the user experience and post-optimization software have a great relationship, not a nuclear better. In addition, with the technology required to improve the picture, GPU will become the new focus of competition chips.

TOMATO company launching a unique product-TM8C . It is the FIRST 1GB RAM AML S812 Quad Core TV Box which can Fully decode 4K2K with best cheapest price.