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Playmute TV sticks do not block ads, but it can lift the ads troubled

  • Author:Tomato
  • Source:Tomato
  • Release on :2018-01-24

Although we all love to watch TV, most people do not like to be interrupted by advertisements while watching TV(best android tv stick for xbmc). It would be understandable that an issuer would want to maintain the output of its content and that commercial realization would be essential. So obviously the ads became the main source of revenue for TV channels. However, this does not stop ads from getting annoying and intrusive, and Playmute hopes to get around the problem if its fundraising on Kickstarter is a success.

In short, Playmute is anandroid hdmi tv stick that plugs into regular TV and you can quickly cut off ads and watch other content by clap your hands, ring your fingers, or use the Playmute app, Such as a YouTube short video, or another program you want to see for another 5 minutes.

People do not want to miss the original TV show because of commercial breaks, so they use PIP (Picture in Picture) to keep the channel on the bottom right corner of the page, allowing them to connect to the original program in good time.

Another advantage is that users do not have to have a smart TV to use Android TV HDMI Dongle Smart TV, some applications are already pre-installed in the device, you can also get more applications through Google Play. This is a very clever idea, it is strange that no one came up early. In addition, the risk of bouncing a product should be fairly low, a spokesman said before his team had production experience and had developed a rough prototype. But consider carefully or better.