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TV stick works very simple network can transform smart TV

TV stick works very simple network can transform smart TV

Tomato Tomato 2018-01-26 16:13:33
TV stick is actually belong to IPTV. TV rods from overseas technology, rooted in China and flourish, the current market is mostly the use of Taiwan manufacturers in the manufacture of chips.

Before explaining the principle of the TV stick, let's first understand IPTV. IPTV is an interactive Internet TV, users can on-demand programs, free to choose their favorite TV programs. IPTV is a use of the Internet, using the prerequisite is the need to provide broadband conditions, set multimedia, communications, the Internet in one. IPTV is a very popular technology overseas, and is still in its infancy in China.If you'd rather jump straight to the products then follow the link to all our android stick hdmi wholesales.

As the name suggests, TV sticks can watch TV's USB sticks. Looks exactly like u disk. Currently, there are many types of USB TV sticks on the market, which are Internet TV sticks and Internet TV sticks. In short, they are plugged into a computer to watch TV programs via the Internet. Seemingly U disk, insert the computer USB interface that runs automatically, similar to the media player. You can watch more than 6,000 television stations worldwide, listening to more than 20,000 radio stations, life-long free.

TV stick works
TV stick, also known as USB TV stick or Internet TV stick. Shape such as U disk size, easy to carry, through its chip integrated software, as long as your computer can access the Internet, you can receive more than 6,000 domestic and foreign television broadcast channels. It also brings together a large number of high-definition movies, TV dramas and 3D video resources. So what is the working principle of the TV stick?

The simple principle of TV sticks is that users use TV sticks to encrypt chips and then access the TV programs provided on servers in Hong Kong and the United States via the Internet. TV stick principle is very simple, the main link is the remote server resources.

TV stick is based on IPTV application technology research and development of audio-visual terminal equipment, using a closed network, to maintain high-definition video quality, allowing users to simultaneously block IPTV video and Internet access, TV stick signal from the server through the network to Therefore, the TV sticks must be used on computers with Internet access. The TV stick chips are mainly from China's Shenzhen and Taiwan. The servers of low-end TV sticks usually use domestic servers. TV stick comes with software running in memory, limited storage media read and write, so to avoid infection with the virus; distinguish by definition, the market there are three main types of USB TV sticks, namely standard definition TV rods, HDTV rods.

The so-called USB TV stick, in fact, is a U disk, and then develop a simple software on the U disk encryption, this small software can watch Internet TV, you can watch a lot of television stations, but these online TV itself is some of the Internet Free Web site provided by the Internet TV, if you do not want to watch TV bars we can watch all the television stations. In fact, a little bit of network knowledge of people can easily take a USB stick to find out where they play online TV from.
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After all, the TV stick is a USB flash drive with a link to a video website. The "universal TV stick" is not a high-tech product. The cost is the cost of a USB flash drive, and there is almost no cost to installing the software. At present, many websites at home and abroad provide regular television programs. The website collects the videos of various TV stations and the TV stick is equivalent to an online video collector.

TV stick is also very simple to use, but also the principle of the TV stick, as long as the TV stick into the computer, you can see the world's scenery.

TV stick buying precautions
Television quality good and bad bars, copycat goods, replica products flooded the market, the whole market is mixed with the TV market; led to many buyers buy a cottage TV stick, after buying shout.

TV sticks rely on the server, the server stops, the TV sticks have nothing, the copycat batons goods, there is no server, which is why many friends bought a gold version of the TV stick now can not see, find The original seller no one reason, because they have no alternative, this kind of TV without a server can only see for some time. So buy must go to formal channels to buy, in order to protect the normal use of the TV stick.

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