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What happens when the TV box signals are always broken?

  • Author:tomato
  • Source:sztomato.com
  • Release on :2017-07-07
Now the TV box with its high cost, rich content become the chase drama artifact to many families, but there should be a lot of people that like me, Realtek RTD1295  Android tv box in use, sometimes the network dropped the case, how can we stay connected with Internet TV box? Now let me teach you a few tricks, easy to get set-top boxes, no signal.
1, the TV box no signal, the most basic method is to check the power, plug problems, to see whether it is loose, etc., if it is connected directly to re connect.
2, if the start image TV screen TV Box android Support True Dolby Digital but "no signal", this phenomenon indicates that the audio and video lines between TV set-top boxes and you (the red, yellow, white) with basically no problem, but may be a network connection is not successful, re check the network connection.
3, if the startup screen does not appear the images of TV set-top box, then just a blue screen and no text, that is your TV channel set there is a problem, please use the TV remote controller according to the source or AV/TV keys, the TV from analog TV channel video channel can be converted to.
4, if the wiring does not exist abnormal problems, then there may be set-top boxes damaged, and these two are unable to solve their own, and only by contacting professional warranty. For more information, please click oem Internet TV BOX supplier.