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What are the reasons for the impact of TV boxes on live television and video resources? 2

What are the reasons for the impact of TV boxes on live television and video resources? 2

Tomato Tomato 2017-09-06 11:06:58

5. Broadband service provider restrictions
The difference will lead to playback problems, because of the competition and cooperation relationship between telecom and Unicom, transmission resources across service providers will lead to relatively large attenuation speed, because at most DIY online platform server in telecommunications, only some of the large platform of Telecom, Unicom double server, so we should operate mode switching the use of.

6. Factors of national policy
The administrative departments of supervision, some of the APP online live television programs or movies are sometimes closed, cannot open the media format, customers choose to reflect this program is the death chain, the APP makers have specialized engineers responsible for the daily cleaning chain, adding a new connection, try to provide a stable clear program presented to you.

These are some basic factors that affect the network fluency, and suggest that you solve them according to your own situation. There are other factors that influence network fluency as well as their habits. Such as:

1, there is no normal shutdown software, resulting in the background of excessive software retention.
Now a lot of video software is the use of P2P technology, if the software usually does not shut down, will continue to carry out the presence of background, upload and download occupy the cyber source, so you watch the other video software is bound to carlton. Therefore, it is recommended to develop a good habit of quitting software. Also, you can always use software to clean up the background.

2, DNS is not set properly
DNS is mainly to ensure that users access the nearest and improve access speed. Where do you use DNS, Internet Co basically think you are that place broadband users?. So if you make DNS wrong, for example, Shenzhen broadband users will fill in DNS DNS in Beijing, then, no matter you visit Taobao, Sina, you have been led to Beijing, the speed of nature is much slower. So, DNS is the flow tractor, you must choose the right one. So it's not right to blindly choose DNS for, preferably by using or DNS provided by local network operators.

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