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What are the reasons for the impact of TV boxes on live television and video resources?

What are the reasons for the impact of TV boxes on live television and video resources?

Tomato Tomato 2017-09-05 12:08:45
Due to the current player chip for local video resources decoding technology has been very mature, so now the network media player met the basic source of Caton problems in network. As online video resources come from the Internet, the Internet is very complex and has many factors involved. Here are some common network streams that affect your network.

Several factors of smoothness:
1. broadband own reasons
Although everyone with broadband installation are 4M, broadband 8M or higher speed, but the speed of the Internet itself there are still big fluctuations, due to changes in the number of broadband near the use and produce change, there are overnight download experienced friends all know, the more time the day people online download the speed will slow down, after 12 pm speed just like flying.

2. the quality of the router
The router also has a certain influence on the speed of various brands and models, the router has a certain difference in the different time settings, encounter slow speed, the router to restore your default settings, DHCP is set to open, and then restart your router. Another proposal in 2010 after the production and use of the router, the router chooses to buy price between 250-500 yuan, 100 yuan are not resistant, too many connections will appear unable to connect or feign death etc., or only a connection device.

3. network connection mode
Cable connection and wireless connection of the selection of great players are fluent, the wired connection is more reliable, wireless connection because of the obstacle and the distance attenuation is relatively large, so in the condition of using the cable of the family, it is recommended to make use of a wired connection.

4. the ability of video service providers
The content provider's bandwidth, but the ability of each platform of different sizes, some of the relatively small size of the content provider when the connection number reaches a certain degree, the occurrence of congestion will play to play, such as sound playback, image frames. The solution is to try to choose a stable platform for large service providers, and watch more smoothly.

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