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What if the TV Box doesn't have a Signal?

What if the TV Box doesn't have a Signal?

Tomato Tomato 2017-08-31 12:17:58

Is a TV box connected by TV and external equipment of a device, in the process of using it to the signal into the TV to be able to read the content, after picture playback via television. If the TV box has no signal, then the TV will not be able to broadcast the program, so how can we solve the problem of no signal in the TV box?

Signal free overhaul method for TV box:
1. Check whether the TV box is energized
TV box when in use if the TV shows no signal, but did not start screen time may be because the power of the Realtek RTD1295 Android tv box is not connected, usually when using TV box may be most people make this mistake is to forget the power plug of the TV box, if the socket switch on TV box is not open let the TV box can not work a normal, then the TV box also there is no signal.

Sounds you may feel so 2 things I could make, it is because the situation is more, in the case of electricity, the British Fick TV box as an example, the blue light is said to boot, that is to say, when there is no picture, you can see the blue light, at least the end of the TV Box android HDMI video recording no need to press the button to boot, because the machine has been switched on.

2, interface compatibility
Some TV sets in the market are relatively backward in function, such as the lines that can not recognize the interface between your home and tv. Especially when AV and HDMI are connected with different devices, some brands of TV sets don't recognize the lines intelligently, so you need to check the AV/TV settings on the Set top box HDMI Input.

If there are other video interfaces, such as VGA, analog signals, HDMI1, HDMI2, color difference components, and so on, you need to manually adjust. In general, this is the use of remote control of the TV, select the signal switch button, and some brands here will be known as "source."