> There were no TV Boxes and no WIFI. How do people watch TV?
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There were no TV Boxes and no WIFI. How do people watch TV?

There were no TV Boxes and no WIFI. How do people watch TV?

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-08-28 11:43:33

Our country's TV set is constantly undergoing reform and updating. From 1958, the first black and white TV was successfully produced, and now the LCD tv. Black and white TV has long gone out of sight, its elimination, so that color TV into people's vision, clearer and more beautiful. 

The TV is rising from the poor dwarf to high-end atmosphere on the level of change, this change for the people, it is more convenient.

With the television signal receiver is inseparable, TV also experienced from wired to wireless, from the antenna to change the smart android tv box, now even without direct connection smart tv box, wireless can easily see want to watch tv.

I recently watched a movie and recalled the age of the antenna, which was a very important part of watching TV in 90s.

Basically, there is such a long pole on the eaves of every household. It is not too much to see a clear TV set, which is entirely up to it.

Then the home for a color TV, but then still have to use this antenna, our home is made up tied so that TV receiving signal.

Watching TV is good, suddenly outside TV will become the It is raining cats and dogs., black, an irksome noise. When the rain stopped, the TV was still in darkness, and ran out to see the antenna pole tied to the post. Shouted to the family in the room, "well, no, there's no," replied the man in the room, "not yet."......

Although it was not easy to watch a TV at that time, the antenna went round and round, but that was a miss. Now, however, technology has changed the way of communication, even now there is a very high tech TV at home, do not shake the antenna, don't worry about rain TV will be interrupted, many people have put the TV as a decoration, carrying a mobile phone in the play.