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Which brand is the TV box good? Four tips for beginners

Which brand is the TV box good? Four tips for beginners

tomato sztomato.com 2017-08-23 10:46:37
Novice users buy boxes very headache, do not know which brand of TV box is good, the brand on the market is many, the model is very miscellaneous, pick a headache. Now, here are four tips for choosing a box to buy a nice TV Box android HDMI video recording!

1, do not buy low-priced boxes, easy to pit
The current mainstream box is about 300 of the interval, less than 300 of the cost and is not configured with reason, even bought experience is very bad, cheap box easily broken, short service life, or spend more money to buy more worry.

2, the mainstream is Android system, do not buy an unpopular system box
Operating systems, the current mainstream are Android system box, most software support Android system. If it's a UDP Broadcasting Android tv box of other systems, you have to worry about what software you can use.
3. Learn to identify trash boxes
When you get the box, open the packing box after the smell of stone has a great smell, then carefully observe the box appearance whether there are cracks or uneven color, this kind of situation will be inferior products, fingers gently knock on the box, when the box was very clear, very loud, so this is basically a True Dolby Digital Android tv box easily broken or screw not stabilized.

4, buy big manufacturers box, genuine source protection
The strength of the box manufacturers should work with the strength of content vendors, boxes if you want to break the monopoly of radio and television content, you must beat high-definition set-top boxes on the definition, universal 1080P quality is the trend. And small vendors usually take a piece of software, pirated content, clarity is a problem! Software has been blocked, affecting experience very much.