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Amazing!!! Ordinary TV + TV Box 2

Amazing!!! Ordinary TV + TV Box 2

tomato sztomato.com 2017-08-22 11:12:23

But when it comes to performance, smart TV has a "TV + box" mode, that is the body of TV, some manufacturers have already launched the day after the TV, television can as well as Internet TV BOX at the lowest price to upgrade, split TV is likely to be a development trend in the future, but at present, the box is still has certain advantages. 

From the functional point of view, the smart TV and ordinary TV + Android Smart TV Box basically do not have much difference, whether it is massive network resources, or the so-called rich games and applications, and then somatosensory control, intelligent remote control. The basic functions of smart TV can be left intact on the "ordinary TV + set-top box".

"Ordinary TV + STB" has set the whole structure is simple, the TV will have some mixed line, and a box will occupy a HDMI interface, smart TV did not have such troubles, but also for PC, Blu ray, game consoles and other users is a the gospel.

Moreover, "ordinary TV + set-top box" each switch to switch two devices, when opening, sometimes switching the TV input source, the use of smart TV will not have this trouble. Android tv box  standby power consumption, due to the small, often forget to unplug the box power, more waste of modeling.