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Amazing!!! Ordinary TV + TV Box

Amazing!!! Ordinary TV + TV Box

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-08-21 12:05:55

Smart TV in the rapid development, many people are gradually replaced by smart TV, but it also makes some consumers also made a difficult, why? Because they buy ordinary TV (non smart TV) did not have retired, "age" and some even only in adults, middle-aged stage. 

We know that before the popularity of intelligence, television is not a cheap home appliance, spent a lot of money to buy a good TV, but can not play intelligence, consumers must not be willing to heart. In order for these consumers, Set top box occasion, their presence can be an ordinary TV is full of smart, but people have to ask, with the box on the ordinary TV and smart TV is exactly who is superior? Today we compare.

Prices must be the first factor for consumers to consider. Most of the box prices in the market range from 100-500. Smart TV in recent years the price of flying is reduced, the general smart TV price 40 inches around will be 2000 yuan, but compared to the box is still expensive, after all, does not need to buy a TV Box android , with the original TV is good, the price advantage is obvious. However, if the home appliance is too old, it is a reference to buy a new TV, after all, now intelligent +4K has become the mainstream, and the cost performance is very high.

To update
A few years ago, the rapid development of smart TV, is a small half a year performance may be different, but the Internet TV BOX different, because of the price, if you want to replace a good box is no TV so routeng. Moreover, if a brand box does not work well, you can change it entirely to try, and the TV is not easy to change.