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Buy TV box you have to know those things

Buy TV box you have to know those things

Tomato Tomato 2017-06-01 12:00:03
Smart android tv box in the layers of the radio and television press, all kinds of suppressed circumstances, still let the enduring, from the recent attention to the number of points, still let the trend of healthy upward, showing the basic style of the TV box no one can block , Let you lie on the couch to see the temptation of the video is undoubtedly huge.

Here is the point of attention to buy Full hd android tv box, and must adhere to the principle.

Do not buy a small box
Small box of the box we all know, the hardware is poor, after-sales protection, maybe someday on the closure, so before buying to be cautious.

Do not go to the store to buy a box
Countless people go to the store to buy back to regret, one is expensive, the second, buy back the basic are some cottage goods.

Smart TV users generally do not need to buy a box
The general user needs nothing more than watching movies, watching TV, so the general smart TV configuration to meet your requirements, so you only need to find your home mini android internet tv box software installation method, you can achieve the purpose of watching video, it is not, buy A box can not take a lot of money.