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We must pay attention to these 3 problems, when you buy TV box

We must pay attention to these 3 problems, when you buy TV box

tomato sztomato.com 2017-08-09 11:40:41
Whether you are using traditional TV or smart TV now, hundreds of dollars of Realtek RTD1295  Android tv box is a good stuff, it can make the antique TV become smart, can also make use of smart TV configuration and system for several years to a big shake, but the premise is to buy right. The following three problems we must pay attention to.

Don't believe the so-called "high"
Compared with the mobile phone, the hardware configuration of the TV Box android Support True Dolby Digital is not "piled up", but the processor, memory and flash memory are very important, which directly determines the smooth, stable and audio and video decoding performance of the TV box. The processor specifications must be as new as possible.
For those in the "high" slogan to rational knowledge, from my experience, 8GB flash space is enough, the actual use of the process will rarely install large game in the box, video software will not take up too much memory space. But 2GB memory is still necessary, in the software startup speed, system fluency and other aspects of more assured, will not be used for some time to become Caton.

Configuration also needs to be concerned about its interface, HDMI is certainly essential, but if it is for the old TV home, we must see if there is no AV interface.

If you want to connect a power amplifier or speaker, there should be a fiber optic audio output interface on the box, but this interface is not common on a Android tv box with video recording.