> TV Boxes and live software are severely hit by radio and television
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TV Boxes and live software are severely hit by radio and television

TV Boxes and live software are severely hit by radio and television

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-12-26 18:51:55

Not long ago, SARFT, the joint public security net letter, letter, industry and commerce, quality inspection and other 12 departments of the State Press and publication, the illegal TV network receiving device in the nationwide market for pornography, piracy program, conducted a comprehensive clean-up from the production, sales, software download, platform settings etc..

Each department has dispatched 130 thousand passengers, investigating all kinds of more than 750 cases, arrested 422 suspects and seized illegal equipment and software 830 thousand, involving a total amount of 320 million yuan. Shenzhen seized Blue Technology Co., Ltd. and a number of illegal enterprises, and "bor" "Ai Kerui" "Shuo" and "sea of orange sky" and a number of illegal TV network receiving device and Thai express video "rabbit" video "and" cat "live TV" QIPO "" Cloud "" TV "" long live "a number of illegal Internet TV client software.

According to the introduction, in recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, there are many network TV terminal products on the market, which can broadcast programs and provide applications through the Internet for TV terminals, greatly enriching people's daily cultural life.

But at the same time, some unscrupulous companies take advantage of the production of "Gu Bao G2" "small box H3" and other illegal Internet TV products, play a large number of pornographic, violent terrorist and other harmful programs, playing a lot of pirated foreign films and TV series, against the legitimate interests of copyright owners, adverse effects on the health of young people growth, social harm has become increasingly prominent. As the lead unit of clearing illegal TV network receiving devices, the press and Publication Administration of radio and television is actively coordinating all departments to work together to form joint efforts to jointly combat.