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The correct use of TV Box member resources

The correct use of TV Box member resources

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2018-03-23 14:23:05

Nowadays, almost every TV box manufacturer will cooperate with the licensee, not only that, but also to carry online video content in order to have more video content. But unavoidably, there is always something that requires membership.

The vast majority of video and television resources in the Android Smart TV Box can be watched for free. However, there are also some resources that need to be purchased to qualify for membership. Here we analyze how to buy members is more cost-effective:

Step1. Install video software

TV boxes have limited resources, so we can expand video content by installing various video software, such as Tencent video TV, Youku video TV, and iQiyi video TV.

In recent years, in order to get rid of the homogeneity of video content, major video websites have not only purchased a large number of independent broadcasting rights, but also started self-produced programs, attracting users with unique and outstanding film and television programs, and thereby cultivating a large number of fixed users. Therefore, if you want to see high-quality programs on various platforms, you need to watch them through various video software, that is, you need to install various video software.

However, as a Android tv box 4k*2k user does not need to be so troublesome. TV cats and movies are quickly searched as aggregate video software. You only need to search for TV program names and you can play them on demand.

Step2. Membership purchase

Once you have selected resource-rich video software, you can consider buying its members. After all, movie content without advertisements, ultra-clear image quality, and member-only broadcasts is extremely attractive.

In general, TV-based members will have higher charges than mobile phones, such as Tencent Mobile's mobile monthly membership is 20 yuan, and TV-side monthly membership is 30 yuan, which means that upgrading to the TV-side video VIP available only 10 yuan !

Step3. Four-screen linkage
The so-called four-screen linkage means that TV members can simultaneously use TVs, mobile phones, tablet iPads, computers and other electronic products. In other words, the purchase of micro-audio app members can be used at the same time on TVs, mobile phones, tablet iPads, and PCs, and it can be said once and for all.

Summary: If you are a Android Smart TV Box user, you do not need to install a variety of video software to watch TV programs on the one hand, and fast movie search and TV cats are sufficient. If you need to purchase a member, you can select a TV member directly and you can use one member account on four ports.