> Secret the three major minefields to buy TV Box?
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Secret the three major minefields to buy TV Box?

Secret the three major minefields to buy TV Box?

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2018-03-16 14:29:40

The rapid development of broadband Internet has brought a tremendous impetus to smart TV boxes. More and more users are beginning to fail to meet the resources brought by traditional television. As Android TV Box with 3G/4G can access the Internet and achieve the acquisition of massive network resources, more and more users have chosen TV boxes. But what TV box is easy to use? When buying, what kind of low-level mistakes will be made by many users? Let us explain it to you today.

1. Only consider prices and sales.
There are a lot of Android Smart TV Box on the market that are very inexpensive, and the features and configuration are not bad and the sales volume is not low. But in fact, most of these are the means for businesses to attract consumers. With low prices, a large number of advertisements and software are pre-installed. Even the boxes are made of inferior materials and used materials. In the end, it is difficult to realize the high quality and low price in the TV box.

2. The box operating system does not pay attention, buy a cold door system.
When novice users buy a box, they may not have the concept of an operating system. In fact, TV boxes and mobile phones have different operating systems. The current box is generally divided into two major systems, namely Alibaba Cloud OS and Android. Selecting the Android system is more popular and can support more TV software installation and operation.

3. Misunderstanding that the external antenna has better signal reception than the built-in antenna
Careful comparison of the friends will find that many Bluetooth 4.0 Android Smart TV Box have canceled the design of the external antenna, but there are still many boxes that retain the external antenna. Although the external antenna seems to have a strong signal reception capability, this is a very traditional design method. It is far from meeting the needs of the current box operation. The built-in signal receiver is now the mainstream design.

After reading these minefields that these users frequently step on, isn't it an instant purchase of TV boxes full of confidence? In fact, it is not difficult to purchase boxes. It is important to understand what kind of suits you.