> TV Box wants to continue to exist, transformation is the key
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TV Box wants to continue to exist, transformation is the key

TV Box wants to continue to exist, transformation is the key

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2018-03-19 14:35:44

With the development and expansion of the Internet, online entertainment has gradually become mainstream. Although HTPC (Home Theater Computer) was popular in the early years, it has not entered the average family due to its high price and large size. With the improvement of the operating system, based on the Android system, the box between the traditional TV and the network - Mini Internet tv box came into being.

In the trend of TV access to the Internet, compact TV boxes can connect old-style televisions that cannot be networked. As LeTV, Xiaomi and Tmall successively released their own TV boxes, they quickly occupied half of the country’s capital and video resources. It has also led to a large number of box industries. All kinds of copycat boxes have flooded in. As an effective complement to Internet TV,  Android Smart TV Box have brought about the “barbaric growth” of the first phase of Internet TV, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of Internet TV.

Due to the openness of the TV box system, the threshold was directly lowered, the market was filled with all kinds of copycat boxes, the quality of resources was uneven, and copyrights were immediately exposed. Subsequently, the SARFT banned many large and small TV boxes from being unloaded. With the rise of smart TVs, the TV box market could be a major blow.

Although one side is a radio and television ban, one side is the squeeze of smart TVs, there is a market for Android Smart TV Box? The answer is yes. However, if television boxes continue to develop, they must firmly grasp what smart TVs do not have, such as decoding capabilities, playback capabilities, and so on. Before smart TVs are completely intelligent, they occupy this field and expand their markets.