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Just bought TV Boxes must know several places

Just bought TV Boxes must know several places

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2018-03-20 14:34:48

Recently, many small partners have reported that the television box at home suddenly has no network signal, which causes television programs to not be able to watch normally. What is this all about? In fact,  tv box are not afraid of encountering network problems. As the saying goes, it is necessary to find out the “cause” to solve the problem. Let us analyze the three common causes of loss of signal and the corresponding solutions.

1. Check if the TV box is powered on
If the television box is in use, the TV does not show a signal, and there may be no start screen when the power of the set-top box is not connected. Usually, when using a set-top box, most people will make this mistake and forget to plug in the set-top box. The power supply, if the outlet switch on the set-top box does not open so that the Android TV Box can not work properly, then the set-top box will certainly not have a signal.

2. The TV box is damaged
There is no signal in the TV box, but the problem does not appear in the set-top box connection or signal. This is probably because you are using a digital TV set-top box. This may be because your set-top box has no cash. If this situation is ruled out, it means that the digital TV set-top box has been damaged. At this time, everyone needs to look for its after-sale service.

3, channel settings error
If it is a digital television  Android Smart TV Box then check the AV/TV settings on the set-top box. If the start-up image of the set-top box does not appear on the television screen and only the text message is displayed on the blue screen, it means that the channel setting of the TV has an error. Then use the AV/TV button of the TV to simulate the TV. TV channels can be switched to video channels.