> The Apple Corp wants to turn the TV Box into a game host?
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The Apple Corp wants to turn the TV Box into a game host?

The Apple Corp wants to turn the TV Box into a game host?

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2018-03-21 11:04:55

According to a recent report by GameLook, Apple has submitted a new Apple TV trademark and covered the content of the game business in a new trademark note. Apple used the phrase to describe new trademarks: "electronic game consoles, game controllers (handles), video output games, ie video output game consoles for use with televisions; video games for external displays or monitors Equipment.” After the news came out, it immediately triggered netizens hot discussion, many netizens expressed doubts: Apple also made a game Internet tv box, and the game TV box is going to fire?

In the industry, there have been debates over whether “TV boxes play games”: a considerable proportion of voices believe that the box should be based on video playback, providing users with low-cost, reliable audio and video upgrades; Some people insist that playing games is just a necessity for modern people's lives. Android TV Box , as a new era of living room entertainment carriers, should have the necessary hardware infrastructure for game software.

As a result of the latter, we all must know that the best-selling box models are basically concentrated between 150-450 yuan. The low cost determines that the Android Smart TV Box cannot have the necessary hardware infrastructure for large-scale games. Therefore, the current stage of the video game basically stays at the level of small games such as chess, cards, and snakes. Only the Skyworth game box, the Nvidia SHIELD, and the Tomahawk F1 (discontinued), etc., are the main selling points for gaming performance.

It can be said that the user needs of the game TV box are some, but there are still some key difficulties that need to be broken, such as price, resources and other issues. Once these issues are resolved, the outlook for the game TV box is very optimistic.