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Do you need to buy a TV Box if you have a Smart TV?

Do you need to buy a TV Box if you have a Smart TV?

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2018-03-22 11:21:03

Speaking of the TV box, if you have followed it two or three years ago or you are a TV box user, then you should be able to recall how hot the android internet tv box market was, and with the popularity of smart TVs, it may be quite a lot. People will think that the TV box market will gradually shrink, and finally the TV box may gradually disappear. Actually, this may not be the case. After the TV box is standardized, everyone can get more quality content from the TV box, maybe everyone. Still can't leave the TV box?

Recently, I had a friend who asked me if there was a good TV box to recommend. The TV in his home was actually a hot money smart TV of the previous year. The hardware is not as fast as it could be. I simply asked what he said. He wanted to change the content, and he thought that if he changed the new box to connect to the TV, the experience would be more refreshing. Choose a good Android TV Box and the speed can keep up.

Or why the author's friend bought a TV box also said many people's voices, their own TV content can not meet your needs, the TV's built-in hardware may not keep up with the rhythm, which will prompt you to consider changing a TV Instead of swapping out the entire TV box.

Buying a TV box with a first-class level of hardware and software in the market may only require more than 300 inputs. In the price segment of 200 yuan, there are also many TV boxes that are not bad in all aspects can be selected, compared to these inputs. To replace a TV directly is simply too low. And if you're very satisfied with the quality of your home TV, you don't want to change TV, so it's not worthwhile, so for many people, the TV box will still be for them to upgrade TV content and practical experience for a long time. Preferred.

After further standardization of the TV box market, on the one hand, the knockout box on the market was eliminated. Secondly, the content on the TV box is also standardized. We can get more quality content from the Android TV Box. Maybe we can say that the TV box is now done. At the level of content medley, in addition to the conventional cooperation license party content, the contents of cooperation between manufacturers and other content channels are also put into the box. For example, we can see the NBA's live broadcast through the box, and see many synchronized updates. Variety shows and TV shows. These are the conveniences that TV boxes bring. After all, if the contents of your smart TV do not have the variety show you want to see updated, you have to watch it on TV. It is likely that you are moving out of your notebook to an external television.