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Three major errors of using TV Box

Three major errors of using TV Box

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2018-03-01 11:43:16

The low cost of a TV box, but with an almost identical experience with smart TVs, has become a necessity for many families. However, I found that although many users already have a short experience of using TV boxes, they are not very familiar with TV boxes and have a lot of bad habits when using them. Have you summarized these points to see if you have done anything?

1. Do not unplug the power after the shutdown:

After the TV box is turned off, some components are still in working condition (such as the remote control, waiting to receive the power-on command), and individual brand TV boxes also exist "fake shutdown": remote control press the switch, the box into hibernation standby, So that users feel the boot time is short. Over time, not only increase power consumption, but also damage the life of the box.

2. High-load work is not cooling:

Overheating refers to the phenomenon that when the TV box is working for a long time and under a heavy load, the processor and the WiFi module can generate a large amount of heat and can not effectively dissipate heat. In "overheating" TV box, system processing efficiency and network transmission efficiency will be significantly reduced (variable); long-term overheating, but also accelerate the aging of the chip.

3. Hot-pull data interface:

TV box is small, but usually set aside several kinds of data transmission interface, the most frequently used is HDMI and USB, and the TV box does not have a computer with a similar U disk safety pop-up mechanism, so before plugging in the data interface , Pay special attention to try to avoid hot-pull (when using this interface to transfer files unplug the plug).

Summary: The same piece of equipment, the right and wrong habits often bring a very different experience, still suggest that you develop a correct, scientific habits