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TV Box 5 cold knowledge, we must know

TV Box 5 cold knowledge, we must know

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2018-03-06 11:09:09

Nowadays, smart TVs, smart projection, and TV boxes are becoming the source of entertainment for at least one living room in every family.Speaking, these smart terminals are very simple mode of operation, but with the use of time, Caton, not fluent ...Even the problems that need to be returned to the factory or even directly start to emerge, which not only affect the viewing experience, but also cause some unnecessary expenses. In fact, most of these problems are caused by unreasonable usage habits.In this issue, let's talk about the 5 cool facts about the TV box.

One: did not cut off the box power

Had a small friend said XX box fake shutdown to fake response speed, in fact, almost all TV boxes are the case, after the remote control is pressed and shut down, the TV box will only enter hibernation and does not cut off the power, the advantage is the response rapid.
The disadvantages are mainly two things:
1.electricity costs

2.did not release the system space (some people say that after restarting the box or the card is for this reason)

Two: hot box connector

The so-called "hot-pull" refers to the state of the box is switched on or is using the file unplug the connector.

This mainly includes the power connector and the data source connector (TF card, U disk, etc.); direct pull the power will cause the box system is processing, not yet written to the flash memory data loss.

The hot-swappable data source connector will directly lead to the file can not be opened normally, if the actual brush machine, system upgrade and other special circumstances suddenly power down, it may lead to the box can not boot, which is particularly important.

Three: over-trust wireless transmission

Today's TV boxes generally support dual-band WiFi, individual TV box brands even canceled the wired network interface.

We need to understand:

In the vast majority of cases, wired transmission is more stable and faster than wireless transmission, especially with less dependence on the network environment

Four: single partial letter core number

To say that the most concerned about the purchase of the box is definitely the hardware performance, and the number of cores, the main frequency has become the main criteria for many small partners to judge the merits of the box; everyone knows the impact of the box CPU determine the factors that have to see the chip architecture.

For example, 64-bit quad-core processors in some large-scale manufacturing companies outperform 32-bit 8-core processors in the vast majority of small factories.

Five: only take into account the current hardware requirements
Today, 4K, H.265 hard decoding, HDR, MEMC, etc. are the forefront of the popularity of the display technology is also a measure of the advantages and disadvantages of the TV box (smart TV) key indicators to the TV box low procurement costs, the user can start 300-500 Yuan in the high-end box products.