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Q&A-TV Box

Q&A-TV Box

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-06-09 10:13:30

1. Is it not the equivalent of smart TV to buy an new Android TV Box with Android 6.0?
Yes, now a lot of smart TV is in the traditional TV plus a smart operating system, most of them are based on Andrews, some of their own system.

2.What is the box now?
The mainstream price is 300-500 Wholesale Best Android TV Box, too cheap is not poor workmanship is poor configuration, not recommended, too expensive 1000 + belongs to the world of high-definition enthusiasts, strictly speaking, the local hard disk player, not in the general public range Inside;

3. look at the box to see its main content or hardware or software?
Hardware and software are very important, the basic requirements of the basic hardware CPU + 1GRAM +8 GROM, such as USB interface, TF card, AV port complete, the software requires a stable system, commonly used functions such as local playback, U disk installation, live video is complete, the content is currently Only music watch the box is more advantages, the other must use third-party APP to fill up.

4. What are the advantages of the box on the market compared to other cottage boxes?
The Android TV BOX is mainly the system is mature, stable, rich member resources, cottage box materials and system updates are not guaranteed.