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About TV Box

About TV Box

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-06-12 10:01:31

The hardware core of the smart android tv box is two parts: the screen and the computing unit.The screen is a low consumption of goods, the basic few years do not need to replace, then the need to replace the remaining computing unit, that is, CPU, memory and so on. CPU, the memory can be replaced by the box to achieve (in fact, now like barley TV, a certain type of Haier TV are also implemented split TV, screen and computing unit can be separated, so after the upgrade TV, just buy Manufacturers corresponding computing unit on the line)

The current market mainstream box due to market impact by the audience, rarely have to do high-end hardware new Android TV Box with Android 6.0, most of the configuration is only 1G memory, there are some 512M. Android system shortcomings or very obvious, 1G memory lead to a long time will be card. So the hardware is still more important.

Users are most concerned about is nothing more than the amount of film and television content. By the SARFT, does not allow manufacturers to install apk interface, but the historical trend in that, the user needs in that, commercial interests in that, can now ignore the radio and television (manufacturers will always think of other ways to help users solve this problem of). No matter how thin the film and television content you buy, how bad the user experience is (and, of course, it is very disgusting to buy a box with a bad user experience), mostly from smart TV Application on the market to download to other app to make up for some.

Of course, you have to first put these application market into your box, because the SARFT said: the Full hd android tv box inside the application market is absolutely not allowed to have video on demand applications, so the application of the market is basically no role. Because of copyright issues, most of the box video content is relatively small, only their own resources, of course, there will be part of the film and television content will be together with the application, more than a few app, want to see what resources to find the corresponding app.