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How to use the Network TV Box?

How to use the Network TV Box?

Tomato Tomato 2017-10-11 13:48:19

Today, the Internet TV has entered the tens of thousands of households, how to set up network TV Box android HDMI input to watch TV? The following for you to resolve.

Tools / materials
TV, Android Smart TV Box.

Operation method
Before setting up, it is best to have a router in use at home, the network cable can be inserted directly, eliminating the trouble of dialing.

Plug the cable into the network interface on the icon TV, and the hardware for the TV network is ready.

After the hardware connection is successful, you also need to set up connections on tv. Find the network settings menu of the TV, and then manually or automatically connect to the network item when you select it. If you use a router, you can choose to automatically identify IP, the settings are complete, the network connection is successful, you can use the network box.

The network connection box, can use TV to watch online video, TV manufacturers are divided into independent and cooperative resource repository, each kind of resources are very rich in variety, need to watch what type of film, can meet the.

hot tip
Each manufacturer's interface may be different, but the principle is basically the same.

Some boxes do not support WIFI, you need to use a cable connection.