> What if the TV Box overheats?
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What if the TV Box overheats?

What if the TV Box overheats?

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-06-21 10:04:50

Summer arrived, the weather is getting hot, for a long period of time, will produce a lot of heat, feels very hot, and will cause a series of problems, such as: playing CARDS, serious; The TV box is easy to die; Automatic network breaking; Shorter life. But there is no need to worry too much. There is a solution.

Here's an effective solution to these problems:

The first trick: shelf heat
At the bottom of the TV box is a steaming rack of steamed vegetables, two yuan store one grab a lot of, cheap to use, it is to be unable to find words to be able to use wire to make one, the difficulty should not be small.

No.2: ice pack heat
Buy a dozen sealing bags, keep the water cool, put it in the bottom of the box, heat the water, recycle, and cool the environment.
Third stroke: fan heat

Step 4: fill the water balloon with heat
The balloon is filled with water, put on the top of the Wholesale Best Android TV Box, the principle that USES water to cool the temperature, must not need me to say more, but must be careful the balloon not to explode.. Otherwise you know what happens.
The fifth recruit: the coin dissipate heat
Placing a layer of COINS on top of the box, the metal's thermal conductivity is a little better, and it can effectively reduce the temperature inside the box.

Step 6: stainless steel box heat sinks
The box that eats the rest of the snack normally, can put in the top of the TV box separately, below the heat of the heat, have the magic effect.

The seventh recruit: borehole heat dissipation big method
Punch holes in the box, which is a test of manual and caution, which can cause fatal damage to the box.
On top of that, keep the TV box away from the heat source, don't cover the top layer to influence the heat dissipation, etc., and there are many ways to reduce the TV box temperature and keep the box running smoothly.
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