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What else can a TV box do but watch?

What else can a TV box do but watch?

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-06-21 10:20:38

The android tv box can watch the movie live everybody knows, but besides the two most commonly used functions, what can the TV box do? Since the word "intelligence" came out, the function of the TV box has been like the tiger, the sky! On-demand and live streaming is a basic feature, and many businesses have added a lot of applications to attract users. Now let's see what is worth using!

Do the casting screen
Use a TV box as a screen for a screen, and you can put your phone's content on TV as long as you install third-party apps. The IPAD and the computer will also be able to deliver content to the big screen, and some of them will be able to make four screens, and they will be interested in getting to know more about it. And not only can you screen shots, you can use your phone as a remote control, etc.
The TV box is not special for the game console, and the general comes with its own app center, which can be downloaded directly. If not, the app store can be installed to make up for it. There are remote control games, console games, body feel games and so on, through the external body sensor or game controller, mouse, etc., you can play big screen games at home.
Do the KTV to sing
TV box can sing is not surprising, and even companies have launched karaoke artifact, installation of various K song third-party applications, pattern just drink KTV room, can accompany, adjust volume list classics, classics, classics, pinyin, and so on, curtilage home the or nice, good song but need to bring your own limited wireless microphone or microphone.

Make a family photo album and talk to your family video on TV
The TV box into a mobile phone is actually not difficult, just do not have mobile phone of good experience, but if a large family with very convenient, after all, the phone is one-to-one, television can be a pair of many people.
The TV box has a lot of skills as the technology matures, but most brands have the same functionality, and the TV box can be shopping.