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Attention! How can the TV box not get the IP address?

Attention! How can the TV box not get the IP address?

tomato sztomato.com 2017-11-15 12:47:08
A few years ago, TV box industry is thriving, Android tv box 4k*2k relatively low price is the rational choice of many consumers. Therefore, many families choose to buy Smart tv box HDMI 2.0 to watch all kinds of TV programs.
However, after a long time, there are always a variety of difficult problems, such as the most common is not get IP address. Today, we call you two solutions, once and for all!

Concrete operation method:

1, wireless signal is poor, try to connect wirelessly with mobile phone or computer;
2, IP address conflict, restart try;
3, server card, switching signal source.

1, first confirm on the router in the DHCP services, the first computer browser to open if it is to enter setup, DHCP address can be set to 100-150, after the network routing will automatically assign IP addresses to devices, generally can be solved!

2, if not resolved, you can configure the fixed IP on the wireless router box. (notice, instead of setting the fixed IP on the box, but wireless routing, allocating the static IP to the MAC address!). IP address settings, routers open, set it to (100-150), in the Android TV Box WIFI AP6255 to fill the MAC address, add it!

Sum up:
Friends who encounter this problem can try to solve it, if it can not be solved, please contact with the merchant.