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The advanced way of the box: do you remember this old antenna? 4

The advanced way of the box: do you remember this old antenna? 4

Tomato Tomato 2017-11-14 19:07:43
Fancier's plaything "HTPC"
In the mainstream box evolution, there is a tributary, usually DIY player for the formation of family cinema personal computer (HTPC), small size, can be operated with remote control.

The main difference between HTPC and ordinary PC is that it is not the only goal in the pursuit of high performance. It should be the product of balance of appearance, performance, noise and power consumption between the 4. As a home digital video center in the living room, he also needs to have a nice appearance.

At present, the seventh generation Intel of CPU has achieved the hard solution to H.265, so HTPC does not need to carry graphics cards. But if you use HTPC to render HDR 10 movies smoothly, the general computer performance is not enough. It is said that Windows 10 Creators 1703 version of the upgrade, has supported the output of standard HDR10 data, compared to the future HDR video playback hardware requirements will not be too high.

With the decoding performance of TV boxes becoming more and more powerful, many fans have changed into Best Android TV Box HDMI +NAS after watching the movie.

Sum up:
The development track of the living room "box" corresponds to the people's pursuit of higher quality, more open content pursuit, and the diversified footprint of spiritual entertainment. The seemingly gradual disappearance of the box, in fact, embarked on a continuous evolution of the road, the future of the family entertainment center, family intelligence center, is likely to be a TV Box android HDMI input.