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Can Network TV Box replace cable TV

Can Network TV Box replace cable TV

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-11-16 16:36:16

Now,mini android internet tv box have powerful functions, just a high-definition player just a few years ago, to play all kinds of high-definition video formats. In recent years, with the intelligent development of network technology and electronic products, TV box has developed into a new entertainment terminal after several generations. Besides video playing, it has added functions such as games and live tv. 

  There are many netizens believe that the powerful function has been able to completely replace the traditional cable TV, but there are some different views on this point. 
  The most important selling point for the TV box is the live broadcast function, which can be seen with the help of the network. But recently we have heard the voice of experience, many people find that with the network after the actual life experience is not particularly wonderful in the experience, the first network TV as cable TV in the picture, then will occupy a lot of bandwidth resources lead to network speed affected. 

Telecom 10M optical fiber network. According to the speed measurement software test, you can see that the network speed reached full speed state, download speed per second reached more than 1M, web opening speed is very fast, the network situation is very ideal. Then the Internet TV BOX is connected to the network to watch live broadcast, some live broadcast will use high-definition channel signal, non HD and HD Channel watching bandwidth resources between the possession of whether there is a difference will be the test. First look at the online live HD channel, in the 10M network environment, HD TV live or relatively smooth. The effect is really great, and then we look back at the bandwidth that the TV box is playing. Before testing the speed of 1M per second, now only 318Kb. From simple numbers, you can see that the TV box is quite large in bandwidth when using live broadcast HD channels. 

It is more than enough to put the network over 4M in network video processing, but the network experience is not perfect from the overall experience. As the data transmission and processing will inevitably appear packet loss, in the actual experience, the editor often encounter card stop, the screen mosaic. It's especially obvious in the HD channel.  

The other end of the impact of the use of computer TV box is very large, open end computer using a large flow such as the download time, this live broadcast TV box is a very big impact, greatly reduced in full open editing after downloading the video TV box loading and playback fluency. In the actual situation and life, if a TV box using network resources is really good, but the existence of computers in daily life has a great impact on the use of Mini Internet tv box