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2017 must see the 4 major shopping skills of TV box

2017 must see the 4 major shopping skills of TV box

tomato sztomato.com 2017-07-17 09:07:21
Many people are struggling with how to buy TV boxes, but they haven't started buying TV boxes, because they don't know the box of the TV box. Which box is good? What brand is good? TV box on the market a variety of brand is brightly coloured box. Today we will teach you.
Tip 1: configuring high doesn't mean good experience
The difference between the configuration level and the experience will not be particularly great. However, we are most concerned about the use of experience, in fact, with the manufacturers do a great deal of systematic optimization of the Set top box HDMI Input . Configuration high does not mean that the box is cool! Although many box configuration unrealistically high, but they are together very stiff, system optimization is not good, often Caton, we must be mindful of this pit!

In order to focus on the video playback experience tejet box, although the configuration is the top, but in the user survey, most certainly, it is for the box system optimization, video optimization, 6 exclusive video optimization, 27 patents, 341 exclusive technology optimization, see the video silky smooth!

Tip two: the remote control is very important!
Many people buy Best TV Box HDMI Input products, do not care about the type of remote control, in fact, a good remote control, can greatly enhance the use experience! The remote control on the market mainstream with infrared remote control, Bluetooth remote controller and WiFi controller, the Bluetooth remote controller and WiFi controller is in the experience of using the similar basic can achieve no dead and remote control, infrared remote control of the angle of the remote control is required, the experience is poor, when buying the box to see clearly.
Tip three: is the installation of third party software smooth?
Many TV box installed third party software is very difficult, a lot of love a lot of brand-name boxes installed software, a lot of advertising, users have no initiative. This is frustrating for frustrating users, a throwback to the experience. Therefore, to select excellent box brand, such as Tomato Corporation Best TV Box HDMI Input Realtek RTD1295 installation software, fast and convenient, very strong compatibility.

Tip four: no linearity, no ambiguity
Many people love to plug the network cable box, ensure that there is no speed, no cable, signal as stable way? The answer is yes, as long as the box has good shielding performance, Wi-Fi antenna signal is strong, there will be no problem. But many boxes of WiFi signal is weak, and even partition effect is greatly reduced, when buying, must see clearly the box performance, whether there is exclusive optimization of the WiFi signal.