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Five small coup, let your TV box run swiftly!

Five small coup, let your TV box run swiftly!

tomato sztomato.com 2017-07-14 10:23:28
As Smart TV Box HDMI Input , after a period of time, there will inevitably be many residual cache garbage, the garbage will speed the TV box effect largely, today and share a few tricks, as long as do to ensure that your TV box has been as smooth and new box.
Coup 1: get into the habit of cleaning up your system regularly
Often use mobile phone friends all know, in the process of using mobile phone to be cleaned regularly to keep running smoothly, in fact, TV box is the same, usually used in the process will produce some waste and cache, timely cleaning can be used often new!

Coup two: install third party applications to external storage devices
For example, we want to install a third party application, let Android streaming box HDMI Input become more fun, but do not want to take up too much memory, then we can through the external U disk, the third party applications installed in the U disk.
Coup three: regularly update the TV box system
TV box in order to give users a better quality of use experience, the box will continue to upgrade the system, while the compatibility of various software has also been improved to ensure the use of fluency in the process.

Coup four: upgrade display devices
There are a lot of cases, TV box supports 4K HD, but display devices can not reach this height, the screen use process will appear more serious Caton, solve the only method is to replace a little better display.
Coup five: regular restore factory settings
Best TV Box HDMI Input Realtek RTD1295 in the use of the process will meet a lot to clear the cache, and the cache is the most simple and effective methods to solve these is a restore factory settings, can release a large amount of space, make the box run faster, in the TV box settings - general settings can be found to restore the factory.

If you want to retain your original application when you restore the factory, you can use the third party software to backup it without worrying about the loss of the application.