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Boxes, TV Sticks and Smart TVs, who go further?

Boxes, TV Sticks and Smart TVs, who go further?

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2018-01-23 15:24:26

Internet impact on the television industry, a large number of Internet companies to enter, product quality and uneven patterns, the original shape is also changing, user behavior is also changing. Set-top boxes, TV sticks, smart TVs and other front-end products continue to emerge, and new smart TV products are also emerging.We Android tv box HDMI input for video recording would be an excellent choice because they add the perfect life experience to your life.

It's hard to be a "regular" box

Currently refers to the set-top box, not the traditional cable box, but the Internet TV set-top box, there are currently LeTV box, millet box, and Ali upcoming box products, they are helping people to achieve the big screen to watch TV dramas and graphic resources , Let non-smart TV intelligent.

In fact, these Internet companies do boxes, just test the water on the smart TV road, paving the way for television. On the one hand, the low cost of the box, if not, can also exit the market in time, which is equivalent to a product failure failed; and once successful, give yourself a bright road to smart TV. This route has been a new path for profitability, that is, music.

On the other hand, Internet TV set-top boxes are facing the risk of policy and the impact of cottage boxes. The state requires Internet STBs to cooperate with licensees to gain access to content licenses. However, the contents of licenses are of a very high homogeneity and will inevitably be affected by cottage boxes Application of the impact. Currently on the market, at least nearly a hundred boxes of cottage, they are from the living room battle for a slice of life. Due to the current national crackdown on cottage boxes and content and application piracy, there is a tough time making a fully compliant policy box.If you'd rather jump straight to the products then follow the link to all our Best TV Box HDMI Input.


However, good box products still get the recognition of consumers. At present, users who do not intend to change their TV sets will choose an intelligent box product as an over-the-smart TV.

TV sticks, sense of technology, cognition takes time

Currently there are search friends Google and Baidu have launched their own TV products, TV stick can access the WIFI case, allowing users to mobile phones, tablets and other equipment streaming video on the TV screen, this device seems USB size , Is actually a pocket version of the set-top box.

Although the TV stick has not been the concern of a department, but the same policy risks exist. In the presence of a large number of existing TV sets, TV stick manufacturers have a very good opportunity to compete with the box.

Compared with the TV billions of dollars out of capital spending, box and stick production costs are low, the craft station is simple, no strength to enter the TV IT companies, Internet companies, will box, stick and other forms of products to occupy; Can customize the theme, custom features to meet the individual needs of consumers.

Smart TV, big business must play the game

The future, the television is the family's living room entertainment center. Internet companies eyeing the market, music, millet, Ali, and even Baidu, Tencent, etc. are beginning to get involved in this area, it is said that the video company Youku also idle, set up a special television R & D department. Although the music as early as the start, sales are not bad, millet TV and Ali TV also suffered berserk, but overall, this market has just started, is said to have more than 100 billion market in the future.

Different from the traditional TV production hardware, Internet companies do rapid iteration of hardware, on the one hand, they will continue to introduce new products. On the other hand, Android-based intelligent operating system provides unlimited extension of content and application condition.

If you are now in the phase of buying home appliances, you can buy a smart TV, preferably an inexpensive, high-performance internet brand. Because Internet companies more or less implanted the Internet genes, not only allows you to have free choice of video programs, but also provides a wide range of TV large screen applications, which allows you to passively receive television content, To the choice of content and applications, from "look" to "play." The rapid iteration of the trend, but also let you have more expectations.

For now, boxes, sticks, and looms can satisfy consumers at different stages. Television purchased many years ago may not be intelligent, and can be intelligentized in advance through a box or a movie stick. If you are buying a TV port, you can buy a finished smart TV and enjoy Internet Technology Bring the ultimate experience. However, this experience may go through a gap from iPhone3 to iPhone5.

The future of the form, the television dominate the world, or the machine, box, stick or other forms of terminal products each leading position, but also depends on changes in user needs.

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