> These three points must be kept in mind when you are buying a TV box
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These three points must be kept in mind when you are buying a TV box

These three points must be kept in mind when you are buying a TV box

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2018-01-22 18:37:53

With the popularization of the network development, the TV box enjoys the advantage of watching free live broadcast programs with a broadband network and is highly cost-effective and is loved by most users. So how to pick the TV box should be it, Tomato Android TV Box China supplier today to everyone summarized three of the most important ways, do not miss it when you choosing the TV box.

First, The TV box you chosen must have a simple operating system

Many users buy TV boxes are for watching TV video. A simple TV box operating system to watch the video will be more convenient, while the elderly at home children can get started operation. It is recommended that you buy Android system TV box,because Android tv box is very good that it's system is  more concise, and Aliyun system because it is the main home shopping, shopping columns and more, more shopping ads, the operation is particularly complicated.

Second, the choice of high-end brand is more secure 
Many newcomers like to choose their favorite products according to the price. In fact, many times the business is to seize the consumer psychology we like to seek cheaper, the use of low prices to attract users, providing inferior boxes. Most of the low-cost TV boxes in the market failed in less than a few months, Caton, crashes. Some even regardless of user experience, forcibly implanted a pile of ads to make money.

Third, the box's ability to decode online video is important

When choosing a TV box do not blindly look at the box configuration, but also need to see more box video decoding capabilities, which is related to the video playback is smooth. Powerful decoding capabilities can guarantee to some extent reduce the video playback Caton, the number of loading. Best Android TV Box  does a good job in this way, so it is the best choice you can buy.