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Can Smart TV DIY?

Can Smart TV DIY?

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-12-20 15:56:10

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, there has also been a wave of intelligence in the traditional television field in recent years. But for home users, the popularity of flat-panel TVs is nothing but recent events, a short time to replace the smart flat-panel TV is a bit too wasteful, then there is no way to make the existing flat-panel TV can also be smart What? In this demand, a new product called mini Android TV player is quietly popular.

Android TV stick mostly uses the domestic chip solution, supports Android 2.3-4.0 system, with HDMI video output, and built-in hardware decoder chip, you can support the vast majority of popular network video formats. In addition, due to support WiFi wireless network, built-in Google browser and can be downloaded through the application market to install applications, these products online video playback is also very powerful, more suitable for people's spending habits.

Compared with the real smart TV products, Android on usb stick for tv is actually just a cheap Android player excluding communication functions, but because of HDMI output, and flat-panel TV connectivity is very good. With the ability to copy high-definition video through a memory card and then connect it to a flat panel TV via an best android hdmi stick for playback, the visuals reach similar levels as entry-level HD players. But compared with the high-definition player, this Android TV stick is more compact size, space-saving, in the use of beautiful and tidy on the more outstanding. However, if the upgrade to the level of professional audio-visual capabilities, there is a big gap between Android TV stick and high-end high-definition player, especially in the audio technology support, far from a professional HD player powerful.

However, due to the built-in WiFi function and support of the Android system, the flexibility of Android TV stick in terms of online video-on-demand and game interaction will win a lot, especially for those who are keen on watching the TV series online but are suspicious of mobile phones and tablet computers Too small users are still quite applicable.