> How to Connect TV Stick To In-Home WiFi?
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How to Connect TV Stick To In-Home WiFi?

How to Connect TV Stick To In-Home WiFi?

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-12-21 15:55:32

Follow these steps to set up your TV Stick:
1.Connect the USB power cable into the micro-USB port on your TV Stick. Connect the other end of the cable into the power adapter, and then plug the power adapter into a wall outlet.
   •Note: Although some TVs have USB ports which can provide power to your device, they may not produce enough power for the TV Stick to work properly. Always use the included power adapter. Do not connect the Fire TV Stick through an unpowered HDMI hub or switch.

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2.Connect your TV Stick to an HDMI port on your television. The device is packaged with an extender to ensure that there is enough physical room to connect it to an available port.
  •Note: Your HDMI ports are numbered, so make a note of the number of the HDMI port to which you connected your Fire TV Stick so that you can find the correct input later.

3.Select the HDMI input for your stick android smart tv using the number that you noted in the previous step. You will be presented with the "Fire TV Stick" logo and loading screen.

4.After inserting the batteries into the TV Stick remote control, the remote should pair automatically. If this does not occur, press and hold the Home Button for up to ten seconds to activate discovery mode.

5.Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your TV Stick to the Internet via your Shaw in-home WiFi connection.
   1.Select Settings from the TV menu, and then select Network. Nearby networks will be detected automatically.
   2.Select your Shaw WiFi network. The name of the network is displayed on the white sticker on the modem.
   3.Enter the network password. This is also displayed on the white sticker on the modem.
   4.You will see a confirmation message when your TV Stick connects to your Shaw in-home WiFi network.

7.The TV Stick will provide instructions to register using your Amazon account.

8.When you have completed setting your Amazon TV Stick up you will see a short welcome video which will provide tips about using your new device.

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