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How to make TV more power saving

How to make TV more power saving

Tomato Tomato 2017-12-22 15:43:52

As one of the large household appliances in the home, TV sets are also very concerned about the consumption of electricity. So in the ordinary use and use, what should we pay attention to, can save energy more energy saving?

In use we can put the volume to moderate, the size of the power flat-panel TV (hdmi android stick manufacturer china)sound depends on the speaker itself, the more power it would sound more, power consumption also increases, the volume can be open to hear is good, can save electricity, not noisy neighbors, can also increase TV sound system life.

Secondly, the TV brightness can be adjusted to moderate. Generally, 50% or slightly higher brightness can be used. We must know that the brightness of 100% is 50% higher than that of the darkest luminance. We can see that "Brightness" is very important for the energy saving effect of flat panel TV.

Again, when smart TV is used for a long time, there will be a lot of caching. The caching of garbage causes the TV to slow down and consume more electricity. Therefore, it is also a way to efficiently save power by cleaning up the cached garbage.

The last is long time watching TV(android hdmi tv stick 4K) can turn off the TV, don't stay in the standby state, when watching TV with a remote control just turn off the TV, did not press the power button, the TV is not real power, but only in the standby state, in this state as the LCD power there will still be a few watts of power consumption, though when the accumulation is not high, if things go on like this will be very considerable, so after watching the TV must remember to power off the tv.