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Google Widevine in Android TV Box

Google Widevine in Android TV Box

Tomato Tomato 2018-05-25 13:33:27
Google Widevine in Android TV Box

Widevine is a DRM digital rights management function newly released by google on the ICS version. With this function, it is possible to download google-encrypted copyright files, such as videos, applications, etc., from a server specified by google.

The main purpose of Google's introduction of this feature is to compete better with Apple on application content. Due to the current openness of android, almost all Android applications can quickly spread and install it for free, resulting in Android development. It is difficult for application developers and individuals to fully profit from it, and Apple's protection is very good. Therefore, the quality and level of application content in Apple's app store are significantly higher. So google launched such a thing, the ultimate goal is to be able to charge.

Google Widevine in Android TV BoxGoogle Widevine in Android TV Box