> "Little Lolita monkey god uncle" Lantern Festival release, Amir Khan cried to collapse
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"Little Lolita monkey god uncle" Lantern Festival release, Amir Khan cried to collapse

"Little Lolita monkey god uncle" Lantern Festival release, Amir Khan cried to collapse

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2018-02-01 20:02:16

Indian comedy high score as "Little Lolita Monkey God" since the file has been much the audience expectations. Recently, a section of Indian national treasure actor Amir Khan tears recommended the film's video was exposed. Amir Khan video constantly soaring tears, emotional, keep praising the movie look good and touched. According to Shenzhen tomato best Android tv box manufacturer got the news, that this part of the Indian box office top five reputation masterpiece will be March 2 Lantern Festival landed the major cinemas.

In this exposure of the video, Amir Khan hand towels kept rubbing tears, when the reporter mentioned the viewing experience is more than choked can not calm down mood. As a movie star Salman Khan's friend, Amir Khan bluntly said the film is Salman Khan's best movie to date, is his milestone in the interpretation of the cause. He said excitedly that the film is very exciting and warm, not only to recommend to friends, but also to suggest that they read more often and that they have to read at least ten more times. More that this movie should never be released. As we all know, as a national treasure actor in India, Amir Khan has been a guarantee of Indian film quality. He is famous for the high demands of the movie. In the hot movie "Wrestling Daddy" ( you can see it in best Android hdmi stick ) in 2017, his ingenuity in film business shows his experience of increasing his weight to 194 pounds and suddenly dropping 144 pounds. The Amir Khan tearful strength recommend movie "Little Lolita Monkey God," generous praise words can be seen that he highly recognized the film.

The movie "Lesser Loris the Monkey King" tells the story of an unbelieving religious Indian Uncle helping Pakistani dummies reunite with their parents. In the film, Lolita and Uncle Monkey come from different countries, have different religious beliefs, but meet in a mixed bag and experience a warmest and ridiculous legend. The film not only has the moving story of people shed tears, but also continues the Indian comedy movie has always been a humorous style, it is more than laughter. Amir Khan's praise in the video is easy to see the effect of the film. And the film quickly became India's top five box office reputation after the release in India, not only that, in major foreign film sites have received super-high ratings, the number of acclaimed more than hundreds of thousands, in the domestic movie platform also received 8.6 Super high score.

The film "Lolita Little Monkey God" by the Eros Media India, India Salman Khan co-produced films, Kabir Khan film production, the introduction of China Film Group, China Film Co., Ltd. issue, Ili Zoran Film Co., Ltd., Bai'an Film (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to promote. The film will be March 2, 2018 Lantern Festival in the country warm cinema release.