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Smart TV victims once brilliant OTT box status quo

Smart TV victims once brilliant OTT box status quo

Tomato Tomato 2018-02-02 15:54:15
Smart TV victims once brilliant OTT box status quo

Recently, a piece of news has aroused the author's renewed concern about a product that will soon disappear into our field of view. That is the television box. Recently, millet released the millet box. 4 Although it possesses the hottest artificial intelligence system in the world, Not too high, the relevant news is not too much, compared to a few years ago, almost all manufacturers are working together to make the grand occasion of the box, really deserted a lot, to know at that time millet, LeTV box can really be a "box" Hard to find.If you'd rather jump straight to the products then follow the link to all android stick Realtek RTD1295.

Undoubtedly, the biggest enemy of OTT box is smart TV. As the intelligent extension hardware of TV, OTT box is really a black technology in the non-smart TV era, enabling the TV to surf the Internet, playing games and watching the video on the network Resources, the price is not expensive, many consumers have even delayed the time of upgrading the TV, but did not expect the popularity of smart TVs so fast, according to statistics, as of the end of 2017, smart TV penetration rate has exceeded 90%. TV is smart, OTT boxes naturally no one is interested.

First look at the total amount, according to Orville cloud network (AVC) omni-channel total push data show that: in 2017, China OTT box market sales volume is 10.47 million units, down 24%; sales of 2.4 billion yuan, down twenty one%. In addition to the smart TV hit, this is the embarrassment of OTT box positioning itself, the policy has also hold the lifeblood of OTT box survival.

OTT box from the years of changes in the market size of the box, OTT and policy are closely related to the start-up period in 2010, OTT box sales of only 100; into the exploration period in 2012, although the first round of policy struck, but the market is not very influential Big, but the policy far-reaching impact; into the growing period in 2013, the concept of OTT sudden fire, not only the box brands have emerged, the Internet brand TV has begun to ascend the stage of history. OTT industry has become very excited, chaos began to flourish, harsh policies have begun to show signs. After 13 years of chaos, the sharp rise of policies in 2014 led to the first sales decline in 2015; after 15 years, the OTT market policies began to be standardized and mature, but it is also difficult to regain their past glories.

To a large extent, the OTT box is "dead" in its own hands. The internet brand that once pushed the box to a big hit is also the most important "killer" for burying the OTT box. Although traditional TV manufacturers started to launch smart TVs very early , But they are passionate about hardware and are not so interested in quickly pushing smart TVs. It is these Internet brands that really make smart TVs start to quickly enter the consumer's living room.

Since the beginning of LeTV, Internet TV (in fact, the smart TV) began massive bombing of people's eyes, in just one or two years, it will only be the standard high-end products with the intelligence on the lowest-end television to achieve the cheapest Smart TV prices even over a thousand, of which the greatest benefit is the music, millet, PPTV, Lynx and other original Internet brands, and paradox is that these brands is the original OTT box best brand, even more paradoxical Yes, they are still releasing new boxes.

So, OTT box was ignored during this period, the status quo exactly? Let's explore it today.

TV upgrade, OTT box in order to survive, of course, have to upgrade, but the moment the hottest is artificial intelligence, with the big screen living room entertainment era, the emergence of artificial intelligence, voice control, video games, the user OTT box market, there are many features of product positioning, voice TV box, the elderly TV box, home mode TV box, OTT box products began to take the "positioning" route, so that there is a clear positioning OTT box products are more popular with consumers. According to AVC online monitoring data, from the products that support the language recognition search technology, only about 19% of the products currently have this function, but the proportion of the share is constantly rising. From a simple voice search point of view, OTT box products that support this technology, although the proportion is not very high, but the future will be greatly improved. For a top streaming experience you'll need a hdmi Stick Realtek RTD1295 .

Secondly, as the demand for hardware configuration of OTT boxes increases, the mainstream CPU of the OTT box market in 2017 will still be quad-core. According to AVC online monitoring data, in 2017, the OTT box Quad-core CPU accounted for 88%, eight-core product sales share of 9%. CPU architecture continues to improve, A53 architecture products still dominate the main market, accounting for 58.2%, an increase of 12.4 percentage points. A53 architecture of the small quad-core products have great advantages in power saving, In addition, A53 architecture processor mostly supports 4G LTE network mode. This is why A53's market share is higher than the rest.

Once again, 4K has almost become standard on new OTT boxes. As the three major telecom operators have accelerated, 4K-quality content has started to reach millions of households. Smart kit like the Lynx Magic Box and the millet box have also been completed 4K firmware upgrade, 4K box mushroomed in the market set off the climax. According to AVC data, UHD resolution products accounted for 59% of the total, up 4.7% YoY, while FHD resolution products accounted for 41%.

The industry is also quite optimistic about the upgraded OTT box. I believe the OTT box market will slowly recover in 2018. According to the AVC omni-channel forecast data, the estimated retail volume of OTT boxes in 2018 will reach 11.13 million units, up YoY 7%. OTT box high quality upgrades, it brings tremendous opportunities and opportunities but also exacerbated the industry's competition, TV box manufacturers only continue to adjust product management strategies, strengthen the remote control of mobile phones, multi-screen interactive, TV shopping, big screen games and so intelligent Operational functions to meet the needs of the user for the current family entertainment intelligent operation experience, it will not become a transitional product of the development of the industry.

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