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[Market Forefront] OTT TV, TV Box, TV Stick campaign Is rising

[Market Forefront] OTT TV, TV Box, TV Stick campaign Is rising

Tomato Tomato 2018-02-09 21:32:29
OTT (OverThe Top) was originally a sports term, which means "over-the-top", but now also used in the communications industry. OTT STB refers to an exclusive delivery network that does not rely on operators' Satellite, terrestrial, cable, etc., and the use of the Internet to watch, and the Internet costs, the bandwidth speed by the end consumers themselves, due to the different bandwidth, it also through streaming, buffering and other technology to reinforce.If you'd rather jump straight to the products then follow the link to all our android stick hdmi wholesales.

Various programs to seize the Internet TV market
In the United States, OTT ratings have gradually replaced cable television, cable TV rents more and more, and OTT more and more subscribers, more importantly, OTT ratings is not only pie, but also the effect of making pie , The total number of U.S. subscribers is slightly increased, indicating that in the past some people did not watch TV at all and now they have started to read OTT video. Interestingly, OTT ratings rarely replace satellite television
The United States currently the most common OTT STB, than Apple's Apple TV and Roku's Roku series, the former has shipped up to 12 million units (since 2007), the latter plus the cumulative total of various models also shipped Up to 8 million units (since 2008), the NPD surveys more than 80% of the OTT STB sales in the United States.For a top streaming experience you'll need a android hdmi stick supplier china.

TV Stick to grab the city
Apple TV is box-shaped OTT STB, Roku is mostly box-shaped, but in 2012 Roku introduced a smaller strip STB, called the Roku Streaming Stick, and Google launched in 2013 is also a strip of Chromecast, the viewing device in addition to Box Type, but also appeared Stick type (or Dongle type) options, and lower prices.

In 2014, Amazon also joined the battle, launched Fire TV, and unlike Apple TV, Roku, FireTV optional game controller, the implication can act as a lightweight video game player, in short, will enter the Micro Console market, the parity Game Console device.
In contrast, Apple TV only emphasizes the iPhone / iPad game screen to the TV, Roku completely talk about the game, but more focused on providing more TV channels to consumers.
On the Google side, although Google TV failed quite well in the past and Nexus Q was almost a flash in the pan, Google is still trying to launch Box OTT products. Google I / O 2014 announced that it will launch Android TV with its partners (known as ASUS ASUS, Samsung Samsung), it is clear that Google is not satisfied with Stick-type Chromecast hot (for only 35 dollars), will still launch Box products.

Internet TV locked pre-installed market
In addition to Box and Stick, there is another way to integrate OTT ratings directly in TV. That is, TV does not need an external box or external bar to buy a TV. As long as the TV can connect to the Internet, OTT can be started.
In the past in 2010, Google and Sony have worked together to build Google TV directly in SonyTV, but failed in one year and sales were not as expected. The industry is also rumored that Apple will launch the Apple TV, which has built-in OTT viewing capabilities, but has yet to materialize.
As for Roku, Roku has launched Roku TV, but strictly RokuTV is not a Roku official product but a collaboration with mainland TV makers TCL and HiSense. As mainland businesses expect to sell television to the US market, But lacking in power and features, making it difficult to compete with the market's established players, partnering with Roku to sell back the US in the Roku TV.
In summary, OTT STB can be divided into four levels, high-profile Box can also serve as Micro Console character, the Box is still viewing, low-profile Stick is asking low-cost rob market, and built directly into the TV, After the first three aftermarket (After Market), the final pre-installed (Preinstall) market.
However, Apple, Roku (formerly Netflix), Google and Amazon are all well-known players. However, some mainland or white card operators are also actively seeking market share. For example, Large, difficult to investigate thoroughly.

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