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The reason that TV box market suddenly entered the winter?

The reason that TV box market suddenly entered the winter?

Tomato Tomato 2018-02-08 17:05:11
TV boxes, the easiest way to access the Internet as a TV, are familiar to users who are still using non-smart TVs, and have "Boxes" connected to various Internet videos. However, with the influx of Internet TV in the past two years and the ease and ease of watching Internet video, the value of TV boxes is getting smaller and smaller and the sales volume continues to fall. In recent years, the market for smart TV boxes has developed rapidly. Both old and new brands are participating in the bustling TV box market competition for a share. The smart, compact TV box makes it possible for an average television to access Internet content, and the television box is a necessity for millions of families. However, the sales of TV boxes have recently become bleak since then. However, Best Android TV Box HDMI because of their own advantages and popularity, still by the majority of users.

So, why the television box market suddenly entered the winter?

The reason why the decline in sales of smart TV boxes, in addition to the normal business competition between the fittest, and SARFT crackdown illegal smart TV boxes are inextricably linked. Since 2015, the "Circular of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television on Relevant Laws on Cracking Down on Illegal and Criminal Activities of Receiving Devices on Illegal TV Networks" is also known as Document No. 229.

SARFT has strictly controlled the visual content of television boxes since the strict control of the SARFT. In particular, copyright management has been strengthened. In recent years, Radio and Television has repeatedly restricted on-demand and live broadcasts of television and box products, greatly reducing the number of boxes Products to the user's service. Charges began to increase the content, and some exciting content must pay, no doubt affect the consumer's purchase, watching enthusiasm.

It has been more than a year since the fight against illegal smart television boxes has hitherto been hit by the state's crackdown on illegal television boxes and broadcast platforms. It looks like a protracted war now. Many hit the ball of smart TV box manufacturers, in this crackdown have been "hit hard." For now, the smart TV box market more standardized, the purpose of protecting the genuine has been achieved. Therefore, the smart TV box market, many brands disappear, but also a normal situation. In the future, the market for smart TV boxes will move towards a healthy and orderly trend with healthy competition among brands. The good service standards that Android TV Box china supplier provide and their own product excellence will help the brand win the competition.