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What Is Android TV Stick?

What Is Android TV Stick?

Tomato Tomato 2017-11-29 20:09:35

Android TV Stick ,like custom google android stick(also known as Android Google TV, Google TV, smart TV, Android HDMI TV, Android TV, etc.) is a Android operating system, with HDMI interface, U disc shaped products. What is Android TV Stick inserting it on the HDMI interface of TV? Ordinary TV becomes smart TV (similar to Samsung's SMART TV). It can watch movies, surf the Internet, play games, listen to music and so on. In short, the combination of smart TV bars and TV, with a general mouse keyboard, is equivalent to a large screen Android tablet.

The function of this stick(best android hdmi stick):entertainment- bar can be connected to the Internet, online watching TV, movies, news, and even play games; even without the Internet, also can play the content stored in the memory itself; the senior game player can even download the software to install BT smart TV stick, make use of leisure time to download content, convenient to use (see of course, we must abide by the law and respect for copyright). Some smart TV, smart TV AS206 Rui Ying,(android hdmi tv stick 4K) not only can support a variety of video format, due to its powerful CPU, if the TV supports 3D, Le LG-ATS-004, LG-ATS-005 grid technology can directly decode the "double 1920x1080" 3D movie. The office of smart TV, also known as "Android computer stick", if the office of the display support HDMI, insert a smart TV stick, can become a Android office computer, e-mail, instant messaging software, Office document processing, etc.. When you play PPT for a guest, you can carry a small Android computer stick, inserted into the HDMI port of the projector, as it is using a computer. Life cloud storage technology (such as Dropbox) is becoming more and more popular. Many users usually travel to take photos and videos of mobile phones. They will be directly stored in the cloud. For example, micro-blog is also a kind of cloud storage. Back home, with a smart TV bar, it's very easy to see some playback on TV. Convenient, easy and safe.