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Which TV Box is better? Three Conscience Buying Tips

Which TV Box is better? Three Conscience Buying Tips

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2018-03-28 11:17:15

At the end of the month, did the buddies pick up their favorite TV boxes? If there isn't one already, give them support and give everyone a reference when buying boxes.
First, buy a box do not buy too cheap, most of the quality is very poor

The Android TV Box for households in general are between two hundred and five hundred. The prices are too low, like dozens of pieces, more than one hundred bucks, and they are also very expensive. A box of gifts will need careful consideration. Most of these boxes are poorly-used materials, and there are some cut corners. The box started to stall and crashed in less than a month or two. Frequent failures. Some even have virtual configuration, and the performance is very poor.

Second, choose the mainstream system, Android more reliable

Currently, there are two main operating systems for TV boxes on the market, namely Alibaba Cloud and Android. Alibaba Cloud's main product is home shopping, not only advertising, but also download software trouble, third-party software compatibility is also relatively poor, often forced to delete user software in the background. Android operating system to install third-party software is more convenient, more compatible software.

Third, choose a android internet tv box with strong heat dissipation, life is guaranteed

In order to reduce costs and control quality, many television boxes are used to make money quickly. In order to reduce costs, quality control is relatively poor. In particular, heat dissipation, which involves structures, is rarely touched. The long-term heat dissipation of the box will not be resolved. It will not only slow down the operation, but will also result in the loss of parts and shortened life.

Here are a few hot-selling high-quality network set-top boxes:

First, TV box of professional video origin, Taijie box
Second, Skyworth box.
Three, open Bor box.