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The reason for the lack of memory in the TV box was found!

The reason for the lack of memory in the TV box was found!

Tomato Tomato 2018-03-27 11:03:11
When TV boxes are used for too long, the problems that accompany them are gradually increasing. The shortage of TV boxes and the inability to install third-party applications are the most troublesome.

As we all know, Android TV Box with 3G/4G have been favored by users because of their functions such as watching live broadcasts, playing games, and installing software. However, when TV boxes are used for a long time, it will inevitably be accompanied by problems such as aging, snagging and insufficient memory.

Reasons for insufficient memory:

1. TV box aging

2. Excessive software installation

3. The box itself is small

The above three reasons are the most common problems encountered by TV box users. There are also three solutions:

Option one: Clean up the memory in time

The mini android internet tv box needs our daily care and regularly cleans up space to be “thin” so as to effectively extend the life of the TV box. For example, the downloaded software package is deleted in time, and the cache is cleared in time.

Here, a professional TV management software is recommended as a helper, whether it is cache cleaning, or expand memory, or detect television screens and networks, when the Bei Assistant can help you all-round management.

Option Two: Hard Disk Local Playback

Most best Android TV Box HDMI input today have USB ports and support U disk or hard disk local playback. Users can try to install unsuitable application software to the U disk or hard disk, so that memory is not scarce enough.

Option 3: Expansion of local card slots
Some TV boxes have their own TF card slot interface. When the TV box itself has insufficient memory space, the local card slot expansion interface will be used. Users only need to go to a treasure to buy a good quality SD memory card to continue installing software and watching live video.

When the shellfish market is rich in hundreds of high-quality television applications, whether it is watching live, playing games, or listening to tutors, you can find the TV applications you want here.