> The TV Box can only be watched live? Joke!
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The TV Box can only be watched live? Joke!

The TV Box can only be watched live? Joke!

Tomato www.sztomato.com 2017-06-27 09:50:57

Free to watch network TV box appeared very early, huge amounts of film and television resources is its biggest characteristic, then along with the market norms of legitimate resources more and more difficult, but over the years various video platform in the content into bigger and bigger, through the box the built-in video platform can see has enriched the content of the lot.

Using the network can let old TV life again, even if the smart TV, if you are not satisfied with its configuration, system, content, also can easily implement experience upgrading through network TV box, in order to get a better viewing experience, these practical functions must be known.
Wireless screen:
The current network TV boxes generally support three protocols for AirPlay, DLNA and Miracast, taking the AirPlay protocol of iOS devices as an example. What if you want to put pictures on your phone and video on TV? Up from the bottom of the screen slide open the control center, click on the "AirPlay mirror", find the corresponding network connect TV box, TV will directly displays the contents of a mobile phone at this moment, to share with your family photos, video is very simple.
Wireless voting screen effect not only that, also said to the above, the content of the network has a lot of rich, but because of copyright reasons, some content can't directly on the screen to watch, then can through the AirPlay invests the content of the video in the phone APP to watch on TV screen, want to see what all is not restricted.
NAS file sharing:
The network TV box doesn't have too much storage space, and it is often used for storage devices such as usb drives and hard drives to watch high-definition movies. In fact, the box can play movies directly from the NAS.
Because the TV box and the NAS in the same local area network (LAN), a lot of network TV box provides the function of online neighbors, can directly read the video and audio files in the NAS, finally through the HDMI output to the TV, not kao kao, very convenient.
NAS is not really an enterprise. It is not so difficult for individuals to form at home.