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application environment of projectors

application environment of projectors

tomato sztomato.com 2017-07-04 16:15:01
Today, I will show you some application environment of android projectors china.

1, home theater type: the characteristic of which is the brightness of 2000 lumens or so (along with the development of digital projection increasing, high contrast, wide screen projection) the height of 16:9, all kinds of video port complete, suitable for broadcast movie and high-definition TV, suitable for home users.

2, portable business projectors: generally weighing less than 2 kg projectors defined as business portable projectors, this weight and lightweight notebook computer comparable. The advantages of portable projector business has small volume and light weight, strong mobility, is the traditional projector and projector of large and medium sized alternative collocation notebook computer business with thin portable projectors, mobile business users in the mobile business demonstrates the preferred collocation. Tomato the best mini projector cable company, provide you best projectors.

3, education: General Conference projectors located in the school and enterprise application, the mainstream of the resolution, 2000-3000 lumens brightness, moderate weight, heat and dust do better, suitable for installation and short distance movement, function interface is rich, easy to maintain, the performance price ratio is relatively high, suitable for mass popularization of procurement use.

4, the mainstream engineering projector: compared with ordinary mainstream projector, projection area engineering projector more and farther, high brightness, and also supports multi lamp mode, better able to cope with the large and varied installation environment for education, media and government and other fields are applied. For more message,please click How to put the ipad projection to the projector.